Health Journalism Internship

Intern / Student, Full or part-time · Remote

We are doers. Our amazing team joined forces for a bold mission worth fighting for: To give every patient access to the right diagnosis and treatment.
We know that each and every one of us can make a difference with our unique skills, powers & passions. As a team, we are powerful and overcome even the biggest challenges. Take this chance to become part of Symptoma - read on!

  • You join the team of our health news magazine HealthNewsNet and write transparent reports to inform about exciting health subjects.
  • You get to know online journalism from the practical side.
  • You learn about exciting health topics and how to present them in a coherent way.
  • You discover and develop your writing talent.
  • You create editorial plans.
  • You learn to see the world from your target group's point of view.
  • You benefit from the rapid market feedback and our 21 years of online marketing expertise.
  • German is your native language.
  • You speak fluently English and are able to understand English texts about complex topics.
  • Your German grammar and spelling proficiency are excellent - in writing and verbally.
  • You have high-level social skills - you are always able to put yourself in the situation of your interlocutor.
  • Fast typing is not new to you.
  • You deal intuitively with websites, Office programs, and other software.
  • You are confident, reliable, and creative.
  • Your way of working is precise and efficient.
  • You are a team player but have no problems with working independently.
  • You are eager to work at one of the most successful and innovative SMEs of Europe.
  • You have 6 to 12 weeks for working part-time or full-time with us.
  • Impact: Leave a dent in this universe and use your skills for a good cause.
  • Growth: Work at a fast-growing scale-up company with great opportunities for career progression.
  • Appreciation: Your input and creative ideas are highly appreciated – we want YOU with all your abilities, talents and (soft) skills.
  • Responsibility: You are responsible for what you do - you’re not only able to implement what you envision but also to work without supervision. Don’t hesitate to bring in all your strengths, knowledge and experience to reach your full potential.
  • Flexibility: Being productive before the earliest early birds, taking an extra long coffee break or working in the dark, you can find your rhythm with us.
  • Home Office: We have an output-orientated mindset and trust our team members to decide for themselves where they can work the best (amount of home office days may differ depending on the position).
  • Diversity: Our team is anything but boring – Do you speak Arabic, Swedish or Chinese? We’ll be able to understand you!
  • Equipment: We offer state-of-the-art workstations (multiple monitors, powerful laptops, height-adjustable desks)
  • Amazing office: in vibrant Vienna (excellent accessibility in the heart of the third district)
Please send us the following:
  • Cover letter (1 page)
  • CV (2 pages max.)
Please note that due to the short duration, the internship is unpaid.

About us

Symptoma is your digital health assistant.

It helps you understand what might be wrong if you are feeling unwell. Simply state your symptoms and answer questions to find possible medical causes.

Symptoma is based on 16 years of scientific research by medical doctors and data scientists to help patients find possible medical causes for their symptoms.

Today, Symptoma is the most used symptom checker among both, doctors and patients, with millions of users and searches per month. Its diagnostic accuracy is raising the bar in its industry and has been validated in internal, external, and peer-reviewed scientific publications comparing up to 107 solutions worldwide where Symptoma clearly ranked as #1.

Eliminate the guesswork from medicine. 

Enable precision medicine - because every patient deserves the right diagnosis and treatment.

We are looking forward to your application!
Thank you for your interest in working at Symptoma! Please fill out the following form. If you have difficulties uploading your files, please get in touch with us and send an e-mail to:

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